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2018/05/20 - CNN STYLE - 'Beautified' China shows country's modern architecture in new light

CNN's Oscar Holland writes about the newly published Beautified China II.
"In Kris Provoost's striking images, however, China's unusual modern architecture takes on a new, surreal beauty. By digitally removing the surrounding cityscape and replacing it with a bright blue backdrop (the type rarely associated with the country's skies), the Belgian photographer hopes to portray his subjects in a fairer light."

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2017/04/30 - DEzEEN - Kris Provoost photographs the most flamboyant architecture of China's building boom

Dezeen's Eleanor Gibson wrote about Beautified China I
"Architect Kris Provoost, who lives and works in Shanghai, spent seven years creating The Beautified China photoset. In it he captures some of the more unusual projects created by world-renowned architecture practices during the country's recent construction boom."

2017/12/15 - PASSION PASSPORT - Beautified China: Photographing China’s Architecture

" is a Belgian architect who’s been working and living in China for the past seven years. To contrast his countryside upbringing, he’s spent a large part of his adult life in the bustling megacities of Beijing and Shanghai. Upon his arrival in China, he was looking for a way to expand his knowledge of Chinese architecture and further his understanding of the buildings in front of him. So, he started a photography initiative called “Beautified China” and video project called #donotsettle."